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Henk Kraaijenhof geeft regelmatig lezingen en seminars; in besloten kring en openbaar.

Agenda van de openbare lezingen en seminars voor de komende maanden


Zaterdag 24 maart 2018 – 2e Helping The Best To Get Better seminar georganiseerd door Vortx – focus op nieuwe ontwikkelingen in sport, revalidatie en presteren.

The first Helping The Best To Get Better Seminar in November last year was such a success that we decided to organize the second one already in March 2018.

So  Saturday March 24 we will stage the second Helping The Best To Get Better Seminar. It will again take place at Hotel De Witte Bergen in Hilversum, Netherlands and again will be by invitation only. Mainly because the feed-back from the attendees in November showed that one of the  success factors was positive and uninhibited exchange of thoughts and ideas among attendees.

There will be 5 new speakers and we will have the pleasure of hearing Bill Laich once again.


Bill Laich (ES): The role of stiffness and elasticity in human movement. No further introduction needed.

Sharon and Myrthe Beld: (foot specialists). They will introduce us to the main foot problems arising in sports, new diagnostics and specific therapies. A rare combination  between gifted clinicians and dedicated researchers.

Katja Rubbens (BEL): will introduce a versatile multi-test to evaluate the status of the athlete, his/her health status and possible interventions, training, therapy or nutrition: completely different from what you are used to.

Ryan Rasmussen (USA): strength and conditioning coach, director of Master Plan Athletics and experienced in the use of Motor Control Restoration tools such as RPR and Square 1 for injury prevention and performance enhancement, it is magic.

Kornelius Kraus (GER): sports scientist, researcher and coach: he will show the latest findings and innovative approaches in the case of the hamstring injuries, prevention and therapies. Promise: no Nordic hamstring curl.

Henk Kraaijenhof: To dope or not to dope…but what is the answer? Levelling the playing field with innovative disruptive techniques for performance enhancement. After 30 years of experience and knowledge collection he will reveal these techniques.

Logistics:  Saturday March 24, from 08.30 – 17.30 hrs.

  • Location: Hotel de Witte Bergen Hilversum, Netherlands
  • Language: English
  • Attendance by invitation only
  • Price: € 165.00  (lunch included)

If you would like to attend please send mail to info@vortx.nl


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