Our 6th Helping ‘The Best To Get Better Seminar’ will take place Saturday November 4, 2023.


The audience mainly consists of coaches, trainers, instructors, therapists, educators, scientists, doctors, etc. in short, anybody working in or interested in the field of elite human performance.


The presenters and the topics of their presentations:


Nikita Filippov OLY (Kazakhstan):

Staying and getting healthy in sports. Lesser known solutions for support for injury rehabilitation.

Nik will speak about unusual or exotic substances that may be of help great help in rehabilitation of injuries and other problem for athletes. Heard of BPC-157 or TB-500?


Justin Kavanaugh (USA):

Olympic Level Results for Executives. Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Gold-Medal. Success in Executive Performance.

Coaching elite athletes may also produce unique insights that can be used in coaching e.g. CEO and other high profile performers


Gerrit Keferstein (Germany):

Chronic Health: 6 Lessons Learned from Chronic Disease to High Performance.

Chronic disease may create insight into the mechanisms of human functioning and dysfunctioning of physiological systems, to be use for increasing performance in elite athletes.


Danny de Vries (Netherlands):

The First Impression. How and what determines your first intuitive impression of your potential opponent on the sports field or in combat. And how can we use this. You can only leave a first impression once, also in sports and combat, but this first impression may create the difference between victory of disaster. Danny will speak about the importance and what to do with it.


Anna Wintermans-Kalinakova (Netherlands):

From Mat to Track. Transfer of motion from Pilates exercise to sprinters’ and jumpers’ performance on track. Followed by a practical session. 

Transfer is an important factor, just exercising in the gym is not adequate to ensure great performance on the track. Anna will explain and demonstrate how this transfer is made.


Details: Saturday November 4, 2023 from 08.30 – 17.30 hrs.

• Location: Hotel de Witte Bergen Hilversum, Netherlands

• Language: English

• Attendance by invitation only

• Price: € 225.00 (lunch included)

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